As in the past month to get rid of 10 kg

How to lose weight ?! This rhetorical question asks himself, almost every woman. But the question is, how many kilograms a woman believes in his superfluous. So if you want to get rid of 10 kg per month, from boring weight then this article will interest you.

get rid of 10 kg
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The problem of obesity in the world today is very urgent, it has found its place in the 10-ke the most significant problems facing mankind. A huge part of the world’s population has this problem with excess weight, and moreover it is worth noting at any age. Who – is hopelessly resigned and continues to maintain its shape. Someone – it declared its war on extra kilos and selects the active diet, apply them rapidly, without thinking about the consequences.

Ask any nutritionist, and he will say that it is not recommended to lose weight quickly and dramatically. Otherwise, in this case the body is at risk. And the more the faster the extra kilos were dropped, the more chances to return them back. For example: to lose 10 kg in a week – a rapid pace, lose for the month – it is within the normal range.

First choose a method of weight loss is necessary to proceed from the state of health in a given period, to take into account all the individual characteristics of the organism, following the principle of “do no harm”. The extra kilos away, without causing harm to, only a comprehensive approach to this problem. It should combine diet with loads of selected individuals. Also, to alleviate stress and maintain the body do not forget to consume the necessary vitamins regularly.

It happens that manages to achieve success through active physical exercise. Visit the daily sports and fitness complex, a class to complete impotence and appropriate selection of exercises in the presence, of course, enormous power will win this issue. If you are not afraid of the amount of payment of training and endurance enough, then move on.

Nowadays, the most popular way to lose weight is a diet version. Here the main rule – do not overdo it, and stick to a sense of proportion. Having selected a diet as a basis, we should not jump to conclusions, follow to the end, fulfilling all the recommendations clearly. You present a personal experience in the application of different diets? It was an opportunity to test the effects on himself, and watched the performance? Then make up in this case, the author’s diet! Maybe your personal selection of food complex will become the most successful and popular for many. Share your experience, you will have a real opportunity to become famous and, of course, money.

Do not forget about the system approach! After consulting with a specialist, choose a set of physical exercises. In bookstores, on the internet, in libraries, there is a huge choice. Stop eating after six o’clock in the evening, drink a day, regardless of other beverages to 10 glasses of water, control their diet in the presence of vitamins and minerals can even use dietary supplements.

Proper selection of exercises physical, their qualitative and systematic implementation, together with vitamin therapy and diet – necessarily lead to the fulfillment of desires!

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