Diet in folk medicine

Today, when most of us eat junk food and conduct inactive lifestyle, obesity problem is so acute that it is very rare to find a man who would not have tried in my life at least once to one of the new-fangled diets today. Everywhere, on all billboards and out of all the pages, offer us to take advantage of some magical means, which allegedly can solve this problem effectively, quickly and without hassle.

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This leads immediately after this a legitimate question – how you ever managed without these drugs? Are there in folk medicine recipes that can work on the rules of the diet? First of all, the national medicine advises to think and find out about all the processes of purification of the body, there are no problems with metabolism. Of course, in traditional medicine have to cleanse the body People’s recipe, which is as follows: three kilograms of pumpkin Peeled Plum from the seeds and peel, cut a slice of all, added a couple of oranges and lemon zest. Add sugar and boil in two stages over a low heat. However, this recipe can be attributed, most likely, to the drug, but not to the diet, it can assist a person to return harmony.

Diet in folk medicine is also from the collection of herbs, which contain three parts of coriander and buckthorn bark, one part licorice root, two smartweed, four pieces of leaf senna, sheet Viola tricolor and bearberry, all brewed a thermos in the evening at the rate of – + one cup of boiling water a tablespoon of the mixture. After straining, before eating in the morning drink the infusion. The course provided for one month. During the reception, the infusion should be taken as medicinal bath with herbal infusions. To prepare this infusion you need to advance a collection of herbs: three pieces of three-colored violet, licorice two, three parts of buckthorn bark, roots smartweed and wheatgrass. Four tablespoons of the mixture, pour cold water one liter, bring to a boil for a quarter of an hour over low heat boil. The solution tsedyat daily and added while taking bath with a temperature of 37 – 40 degrees. This procedure is desirable to make the 10 – 15 times.

Please note you need to one more effective folk remedy. The root of the celery and apple 3: 1 Grate. To the mixture, yogurt, grated horseradish root and salt if desired. The resulting dish should replace food for a week. The result of the weight loss of up to 3 – kg.

Although in folk medicine the best results for weight control sounds very simple: you have to eat less and move more. Keep foremost in the full, active and healthy lifestyle, and do not forget about proper nutrition in order to avoid any further health problems.

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