Dry fasting

As is known starvation – a rejection of food and drink for a certain period of time. Our body during fasting lives at the expense of stored reserves in advance and biosynthetic processes that occur at the cellular level.

There are several forms of starvation:

  • Fasting classic – this form is the most common kind of healing and suitable for almost everyone;
  • Fasting Urinova – this form is very effective and removes toxins very quickly. However, it is suitable mostly only practicing urine therapy;
  • Dry fasting – this form is the absolute refusal of fluid intake and eating. Perfect for those who weight is far from the norm.

Dry fasting
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Before us since ancient times reached appliances fast dry. It is used to treat patients with yoga from India. This system has been borrowed from our pet. Judge for yourself: when an animal is sick, it ceases to exist when the illness is more serious, then from drinking completely refuses. Today dry fasting should be practiced at least three days. This time is equivalent to the classical system of weekly fasting recovery. Of course, not ruled out a long refusal of food and water, but it should take place under medical supervision.

It uses two methods of dry fasting. In the first case – it is an absolute refusal of any liquid, even including washing, bathing and cleansing enemas. There is very important psychological mood, because a complete dry fasting the body is transferred very hard. By the way for an easier entry into the hunger you need to clean the intestines through the use of pre-enemas.

But the second way of combining water with a dry contact medical starvation, allowing you to do an enema, to bathe, but do not drink the liquid! Incidentally Porfiry Ivanov developer’s own healing system and a well-known healer was an ardent supporter of this kind of fasting. Although contact with fluid facilitates greatly the process of giving up food and drink.

Proponents of dry fasting is widely used combined version. The first three days “dry” hunger strike, then continue begun, but sparing the classical method. From this system the effect is simply enormous, especially since the process of entering into an absolute hunger easier!

Dry fasting is recommended by dietitians especially for patients with severe disease who have chronic forms. But there is a single condition – the patient’s body should not be able to move without loose fluid and food a couple of days.

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