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There is a category of women who are willing to lose weight for the sake of all. They believe even sometimes that advice nutritionist – it’s just nonsense unworthy of attention. But blowing a diet to chance, they risk cause great harm to your body. In order to avoid all the unpleasant consequences, you should choose carefully the diet as much as possible by adjusting characteristics of the organism.

Healthy Diet
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But whatever it was it’s not necessary to be engaged in search of diet on your own – there is a risk to overestimate their capabilities. It is necessary to apply to a registered dietitian, the individual components of the diet based on local products. Adding to the exotic dishes should not be a menu, they are of little use.

It is also not a solution for excess weight vegetarianism. Meat, eggs, fish – a source of protein and their lack of the body will be very difficult to survive.

A one-day fasting day a week – is a good start for dietary lifestyle. Such mono-diet are very beneficial especially after the holidays. The result of this would be to get rid of edema, as well as improving the cardiovascular system. Mono-diet is that food in the fasting day is made up of only one type of food: cheese, fish or apples, for example. Sometimes it is appropriate and even meat mono-diet, but it should last for only one day!

To start losing weight, you do not necessarily need to pick a diet specially designed menu. Calorie its regular menu, you can reduce 500 calories, due to, for example, the amount of fuel, and is sure to be a positive result.

Remember, eaten after seven in the evening the food goes often in body fat. To speed up the metabolism, that is, to start losing weight, you must eat more often, per day up to 6 times, then the famine is not torture, and the body of nutrients will not be deprived.

The diet is necessary to add protein foods – so for one kg requires about protein grams. Athletes who need to lose weight protein twice. The amount of fat the body needs is calculated as follows: 0, 25 multiplied by the number of calories consumed daily.

For example the daily calorie menu 2500 subtract fats (600 calories) and protein (400 calories). If the remaining number is divided by four, will then result in the amount of carbohydrates. But you must know that some carbohydrates are “good”, which contribute to weight loss, some – the “bad”, which is not recommended to use. “Good” carbohydrates found in vegetables, fruits, legumes, brown rice and oatmeal.

Optimal diet, you can feel that you are losing weight, despite the absence of intrusive thoughts about food and hunger. If this is so, then, all efforts were crowned with success!

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