Four days without food

Probably one very good options to help bring your body back to normal, as well as relieve a little extra is a fasting day. Such technology practitioners, nutritionists and people say that after her breathe easier, and the body feels even more dynamic. So, I want to give four days without food in the form of different discharges.

without food
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“Kefir discharge”

Here, everything is easy as sneeze. Create yourself a reserve in about two liters of yogurt and drink it throughout the day. Eat yogurt preferably through the same amount of time.

Much more interesting would be a combination of traditional kefir and in terms of daily nutrition. There are several schemes of this form of selection, which depends on the results that you would like to achieve:

– “Kefir Monday” – simple, discharge day becomes one day a week;

– “Three through desire” – kefir unloading pay 3 days and then eat in the usual mode for you any time, as long as you see fit for themselves;

– “Kefir Odd” – yogurt “unloads” a day, for example, on the odd or even calendar numbers.

I note that the most effective of the three options – the last one, as it allows you to keep a constant tone the body and provokes thereby removing toxins from it.

“Buckwheat unloading”

At this unloading morning starts with a pre-soaked overnight buckwheat boiling water – 1: 2 cups. The resulting gruel to eat in 4-5 receptions. This day should become a feature of a huge number of drunk liquid – at least two liters. To do this, you can drink anything you like, such as low-fat yogurt, non-carbonated mineral water or as we wrote in the article “Delicious drinks for weight loss” juices and green tea.

“Cheese unloading”

It is already clear that this will need a low-fat cottage cheese about 500gr., Mixed with sugar spoon and eat all during the day for 4 to sit down. Wash down with a low-fat yogurt or can be non-carbonated mineral water.

“Green unloading”

Here a little harder. Throughout the day you need to drink every 2 hours 250 ml of green tea without sugar, total should reach for a day – 1.5 liters. Of course, in addition to tea you can drink non-carbonated mineral water and eat small amounts of prunes, raisins, dried apricots, but only if you have already got very hungry.

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