Liposuction without surgery

Probably the most cherished desire of every woman is to look impeccable and have at the same slender figure. Of course, not many of the fairer sex got a perfect body by nature, and most of them have to sit at different times and rigid diets, exercise at the fitness clubs exhausting workouts and even operated by removing excess fat tissue. Removal of fat without surgery – it is an excellent alternative for correction and is one of the fastest ways to lose weight.

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Today, liposuction without surgery has a number of ways.

Ultrasonic liposuction is a way of influence on body fat with ultrasonic waves. Fat ultrasound thereby destroyed together with sweat and urine exits the body. Before the start of the procedure, as well as during the operation is necessary to drink plenty of fluids especially water.

In order to achieve perfection you need to take a few sessions to remove the adipose tissue with ultrasound. It will raise a lot of procedure and the result will have a positive effect on the skin. The advantage of such hardware is the removal of fat deposits that it acts on the areas of the body selectively.

This procedure is quite simple, however, it should be carried out only professionals working in a specialized clinic. The ultrasonic liposuction is a painless, outpatient removal of fat deposits. In this procedure, there is little flaws, do not remain after the hematoma and bruising. This procedure is carried out without anesthesia. The recovery period passes by wearing special clothing.

Another way of removing fat – multiinzhektornoe. Multiinzhektornoe fat removal – a process when body fat affect using ozone – oxygen mixture, introducing under the skin tissue needles and distribute slowly in the cells. After that there is quite a complex chemical process that significantly modifies the structure of fat cells. This process dilutes them and promotes the natural exit from the body fat. Recommended multiinzhektornuyu liposuction conduct courses. This will enhance the effect of the procedures and much more will help to consolidate the result. This non-surgical way to fix the figures will at any stage of cellulite positive effect. To 2-3 stages of cellulite cure sometimes lacking 10-12 procedures.

As far as liposaktsionnogo massage, the “hand” so to speak with the help of liposuction, which occurs rapidly and subcutaneous metabolism and circulation in the body fluid. Liposaktsionny massage areas that have problems with fat deposits, will be an excellent addition to basic liposuction procedure, which is carried out without surgery, and will contribute to the beneficial effects on the skin.

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