Treatment of nocturnal enuresis in children

About this phenomenon say, when a child who has attained the age wets the bed, even though he must already do. Normally, the baby begins the day to ask for a pot already, which marks him for about two years. It is worth noting that such readiness can someone show already in 1.5 years, well, someone will be written to the three-year period.

nocturnal enuresis in children
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As far as the night “adventure” with a wet bed, they are justified, and if so to speak physiologists “allowed” for children up to 5 years. However, if the child is 5 years, and at night he still wets the bed, then he has a disease called – enuresis.

Since an accurate diagnosis and determine the treatment to put the scheme is capable of only a qualified specialist (urologist or neurologist), you should find one and go to it with a child. In order to adequate treatment for nocturnal enuresis in children assign, the physician should first establish the cause of this phenomenon. Nocturnal enuresis in children can be a signal of some diseases. Perhaps the child suffered a flu or a cold, felt stress or experienced traumatic situations, and maybe has a neurological disease. It is also possible that the child – inflammation of the bladder or diabetes. By the way shown that bedwetting can be transmitted by inheritance …. So if someone, for example, a parent suffered from enuresis time, then there are chances that a child may repeat his fate. If bedwetting generally observed in both parents, then the probability of the baby disease is 75%.

At present, there are different approaches and methods for the treatment of nocturnal enuresis in children. For example, it can be a dietary treatment that is conscious limit consumption of a child in the afternoon any liquid. This method, however, is very brutal, because the baby is not allowed to drink and feed him, and even a certain set of products, mainly salt, which causes thirst. You can try, of course, a more human approach, which consists in the fact that the child is prescribed herbal medicine, as well as the reception of wild berries (cranberry, cranberries, blueberries). Another method of treating children bedwetting consists in carrying out acupuncture. The doctor acts thus on certain points of the body of the child and adjusts its activities. As for the older children (this is true for students) used hypnosis and psychotherapy. Sessions may take place and an expert and someone from the family to whom the child trusts, after special training. Perhaps also another solution to this problem – electrosleep. This procedure is performed to normalize sleep and increase emotional stability. To carry out this procedure with the bell using a special apparatus. So, when the first drop of urine is released in the child, the bell rings and then the child wakes up, producing thereby a reflex. But supporters of the drug treatment of enuresis recognize drugs such as Minirin, Diazepam, Pikamilon, Nootropil, Persen, Ephedrine, Driptan, Novopassit and Prazerin.

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