Controls Stress

The stress is the manifestation of a physical or emotional distress caused by the perception of a threat that can change our welfare state. While feeling a little stress can be good for activating our senses and improving our ability to work and performance, other types of stress can be dangerous to our health. In today’s article we are going to know some tips that will help us curb the most negative part of stress.

 Controls stress

The first step we must take is to recognize the symptoms of stress. Stress can manifest itself in different ways, but in general we can classify them into physical signs and non-physical signs.

Physical signs such as tension, loss of appetite, weight gain, headaches, back and stomach pains, etc. , and on the other hand, non-physical symptoms including impotence, anger, sadness and crying, disability To concentrate, excessive preoccupation with small things, etc. Once we know the most important signs we can implement some strategies for stress management.

We’ll start by asking if there really is something we can do to control the stressful situation, something like stepping back and looking for some perspective on the problem. Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations over which we have no control, such as a traffic jam. Letting our minds relax and giving in to a situation that we cannot control can help us eliminate the tension that this type of situation entails.

Controls StressLife is full of problems, of that there is no doubt, but the magnitude of these problems is usually very different. People who successfully overcome stress are those who manage to focus on the important issues so that they can be solved as soon as possible, and set aside small things from day to day, is not an easy task, but it will help us to feel better. We must remind ourselves every day that the family, the health and well-being of those around us is the most important thing and that the rest of things will be solved little by little putting interest and daily work.

Besides all that we must handle in relation to our attitude to stress, there are other aids that will push us to overcome this bump. Physical activity, for example, causes the hormones of pleasure to segregate more intensely and our sleep to be deeper. We can perform meditation and breathing exercises so that the Parasympathetic Nervous System, responsible for the stress, is under control. The signs of stress can make us more antisocial; it can make us stop relating to our friends, this is certainly a big mistake, being close to the right kind of people can make the most common signs of stress gradually reduce.

In recent years life has become very complicated and demanding, it is easy to feel that the world is against us and that none of our objectives are met. We must be positive, focus on the most important and acquire healthy habits that allow us to overcome the stress situations that we are presented in the day to day.

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