8 Things We Should Know About Our Colon

It is a fundamental part of our anatomy, and yet, at the same time, it is a great stranger on which we habitually handle little information. For that reason it is interesting to know more about the colon.

8 things we should know about our colon

We will try to clarify what the colon is, but also some disorders and situations that directly involve this part of our body.

1 – First we must place ourselves; the colon would be the first part of our large intestine, its first section, in turn is divided into four segments that are called ascending, transverse, descending and sigmoid, the latter is the one that join the straight.

2 – As in the small intestine, nutrients and water continue to be absorbed from the food, but at the same time, it is used for the accumulation of waste material that will advance to the rectum, to be then expelled abroad through the anus.

8 Things We Should Know About Our Colon3 – The disorders related to color are, as we will see, really frequent, in some cases of simpler treatment and in others really complex until colon cancer.

4 – Irritable bowel syndrome presents as a group of gastrointestinal problems that in some cases we will see later separately, such as diarrhea or swollen belly. Actually when it is diagnosed, it refers to a chronic condition in which, in addition to what has already been mentioned, other elements such as abdominal pain and changes in the intestine may be involved. There is no single clear reason for this problem.

5 – Diarrhea, which can be caused by various reasons as we know, comes to occur when the colon is unable to adequately absorb the food and fluids it processes, is another disorder that sometimes we do not associate exactly with the place where it is produced.

6 – Constipation, which is a change in bowel pattern that may become uncommon or painful and difficult, may also have an origin in disorders in the colon, such as irritable bowel syndrome or in more severe cases is a symptom of colon cancer.

7 – The colonic is not really a novel procedure, although the fact that some media figures of the show have revealed that they put it into practice in recent years it seems that what is fashionable, really, is the liberation of Water in the colon through the introduction of a rectal tube; In this way it is theoretically aided in the elimination of toxins, although it is a question discussed.

8 – Medical Problems or Disturbances the best friend of a healthy colon is still living a healthy lifestyle that included good nutrition and exercise.

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