Capillary Integration Systems: The Fastest Way To Recover Hair Without Surgery

Our hair and the way it acts and behaves in each person is a mystery. And although every time science, medicine and also technology advance and find new methods and care to delay and stop their fall and recover lost hair, it is not always right at first, and we require the help of specialists to help us To find the most suitable solution.

When it comes to recovering lost hair caused by some type of alopecia, many think directly in the Micrograft (or hair graft) as the best solution. But there are times when the pathology that causes this alopecia does not allow to carry out or guarantee its results and you have to choose another alternative. In other cases, there are people who are not willing to undergo surgery (even if it is smaller, such as the Micrograft), or patients who have tried other treatments without achieving the results they expected … For all of them, Hair Integration Systems  are the More effective solution, although still today they remain the great strangers of the hair treatments.

What is a Hair Integration System?

“It is a definitive solution against alopecia and is perfect whether you need to cover a large area of ​​our scalp or if we want to give greater density and thickness to our hair and make it more homogeneous. Excessively thin hair, no volume, or generalized diffuse alopecia throughout the scalp is two of the cases for which this system is perfect “, explains Soledad Gómez, Tricóloga at Clínica Capilárea in Madrid.

The system is created from a base base (breathable and hypoallergenic) of natural hair made to measure, with the same texture, thickness and color as the patient’s hair, and both are carefully integrated so that no one can notice any Difference between them. The hair is not damaged and the base is totally fixed, it does not move. The patient can shower, hair, hair, swimming in the pool or the sea, sunbathing, going to the gym … Perform you’re day to day with total normality, but with the satisfaction of having recovered his hair, his image and appearance always.

Capillary Integration Systems: The Fastest Way To Recover Hair Without SurgeryAge is never an obstacle

Luz is one of the last patients of Capilárea who have opted for this solution to recover their image. At the age of 81 he began to suffer a sharp fall of hair in the front of his head, which every day exposed more his forehead. It was then that began the transfer of visits to doctors and specialists in order to find the solution to their problem. He tried different treatments in different centers, but none seemed to work. The micrograft was another of the options that had risen, but did not seem to be very reliable given the pathology that suffers and finally at the Clínica Capilárea in Madrid were able to diagnose: Frontal Fibrosante alopecia.

“It affected me a lot to see how he lost his hair,” acknowledges Luz. “I had always had great hair and was a very cheerful and active person, but I was so upset that I did not feel like going out or doing anything. I wanted to find a solution. The treatments and medications prescribed to me by doctors and dermatologists did not seem to work. It was then that my son-in-law called for an appointment in Capilárea and here I was first told of my problem, fibrosing frontal alopecia, and Integration Systems, a solution without surgery, which was what I was looking for, because a Micrograft, for my type of alopecia, was not the most recommended solution, since the hair could fall again.

After custom tailoring and customizing your natural hair base so that it had the same characteristics as Light hair, it was integrated with your own hair. The results and the makeover speak for themselves.

Capillary by the

When the important thing is to feel good

“At first it was difficult to recognize me, because the impact of seeing me again with hair was great. But little by little, I see how it adapts to me, it resembles my usual hair. Now, instead of going to the hairdresser, I come to Capilárea once a month, to dye, to touch it and to continue adapting it. At home I comb my hair and I wash it with the help of my daughter. I look and see myself getting better, and I’m much happier. Even now they tell me that I look younger than my husband! I could not be without it, “says Luz.

Like her, more and more men and women who opt for Capillary Integration Systems to put an end to the constant worry of a hair loss that does not stop, the lack of thickness and volume … Many times, they are also used as a complementary solution while performing some other capillary treatment. Because, today, there is no reason to resign ourselves to seeing us without hair, and we should not wait to see ourselves without hair to react and seek solutions. Because there are, and with the right help and professional advice, we just have to find ours.

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