Do You Value Your Health? Find Out By Asking Good Questions

Throughout my work as a coach I have experienced the importance of living in accordance with one’s values ​​to increase health and happiness in life.

Sounds great but…

Do You Value Your Health? Find Out By Asking Good QuestionsHow can a person discover their values?

Maybe this topic is not important to you, but there are studies that conclude that when behavior is aligned with values, we feel able to get anything and life is smiling at us.

The truth is that many people feel stuck because they feel that they do not know their values ​​and also thinks that what they are doing is not leading them.

Does it seem like a compelling reason to dig into the subject? Go ahead then!

Each person has values, or that which determines their behavior, which is beneficial or important for their life.

The way of life, work, entertainment, relationships and even ideology or religion talk about values.

But the values ​​are different for each person, and they can vary throughout our life according to the stages of development and influences. For a teenager, e.g. the value of “order” does not have much importance what his mother often exasperates.

Some values ​​may be more superficial or transient, so to speak, since they actually serve only in a vital moment. Other values, however, remain with one throughout life, are called “Core Values.” These values ​​are fundamental and necessary to make important decisions, to act and to advance in the “good way”.


Do you want to know your values?

I invite you to take a pencil and a piece of paper and do this exercise. It is preferable that you write this way you will collect clues necessary to identify your values:

  • What is your occupation of time?
  • What do you love to do? How do you spend the hours without feeling?
  • What do you expect each day, what moment of the day do you wait impatiently today?
  • The answers to these questions will reveal some of your values. But do not stop, there is more!
  • Which person do you admire the most?
  • What are the qualities of that person, what achievements have you made?
  • How would you define yourself as a person, with whom you commit?
  • What would you say are your strengths?

This exercise is just for you, so do not cut yourself in responding to take advantage of it.

  • You are now ready to discover you’re “Core Values”
  • Re-read what you have written
  • The things you value most will be included in that list.

Furthermore, you must know that everything that you admire or draws you from a particular person is usually somehow present in yourself as potentiality. Most importantly, if your life is not aligned with what you value, there will be a certain amount of anxiety, dissatisfaction, or frustration in it.

And it is that in order to feel good about oneself, it is necessary to be congruent with the “guiding values”, you also have to know how to prioritize them according to your immediate goals (this we leave for later).

So if you really want to move towards a healthier life, it is important that you know your guiding values ​​and that “health” is between them.

If you need more strategies to change your bad habits, take care of yourself, banish stress, etc. You can use your Health Coach. You will save yourself many false steps and you will get closer to improving your health.

The Healthy Body, the Healthy Life, the Good Habits … are among your guiding values? What are you waiting to know and increase your happiness?

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