What Determines Your Health?

We live in a universe of chance.

In a world where our future is not one hundred percent determined.

Where for good or ill our decisions and actions influence our future, but without we can ensure a true cause and effect relationship.

What Determines Your HealthDo you think it’s inevitable to get sick?

The question is not so simple. We can take care of our health to unsuspected extremes and nothing will prevent us from getting sick at the most unexpected moment. We can smoke for years and be free of lung cancer. Even when we have more and more information about our genetic characteristics or the predictable evolution of the disease that we suffer, nothing is determined.

And yet, this non-deterministic world does not mean that we live in a world free from cause and effect, or about which we cannot be certain, and that these certainties, in this universe of chance, are transformed into probabilities. Returning to the previous examples, we know that compulsively smoking is a high probability of developing lung cancer. We also know that a healthy diet can not only reduce the chances of getting many diseases, but also improves the prognosis of many of them when we know the diagnosis.

Regardless of our current state of health, what we do today will influence our future quality of life.

From my belief and personal experience, whether we have been diagnosed with a disease or enjoying a perfect state of health, we have the responsibility and the power to influence it and increase our chances of changing with our habits for a better life healthy.

And this is in line with all recent research: although genetics and environment influence factors that define our health, the factor that is and can have the greatest impact on our health (with an influence of almost fifty percent) is our style of life. Lifestyle understood in a broad way (our diet, exercise that we do, rest routines, our emotional and vital balance), which is the fruit of our personal decisions and that will allow us to lead a better quality of life, a life healthier.

We live in a privileged time for this purpose!

During this century we will undoubtedly see the simple and economic access to our genetic map, knowing the risks associated with it and allowing us to reduce its influence with personalized actions.

“All organisms that have a distinctive genetic basis have different needs that must be met to have an optimal state of well-being.”

RJ Williams.

What we inherit are dispositions, not destinations; Trends and not certainties.

And before any chance of life the result of greater or lesser realization will depend on how we use our charts, not forgetting an aspect that no genetic analysis will collect, such as the intrinsic value of the individual, his capacity for improvement and adaptation and that is The real reason I wrote this book: your ability to change !.

  • How much influence do you think you have about your health?
  • What level of knowledge do you have about your family history, ailments, genetics, diseases, etc? What moves you?
  • How do you intervene with your lifestyle when the symptoms arrive somewhere in your body?
  • If you have an illness, what aspects of your life do you think could improve your quality of life?

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