Rice Recipes For The Whole Family

Rice recipes for the whole family: presentation

I bring you a compilation with 7 recipes of rice very easy to prepare and all very rich. Rice is a food that goes well with almost any combination. Whether it is meat, fish, seafood, or vegetables, it is always a dish that you fancy to eat daily and on weekends. Rice cooked slowly, with love, in paella, pan or casserole, will always leave you in good place at the table.

I thank the blogs that collaborate in this compilation for having lent me their recipes.

To see the recipe step by step, you must click on the name of the dish or on the image, which will direct you to the blog of its author.

Rice Recipes For The Whole FamilyCompilation: Rice recipes for the whole family

I leave the first dish of rice. This rice salad that, besides being very simple to make, is wonderful on the plate. It is a very colorful and ideal recipe if you are on a diet since it does not carry any fattening ingredient. You can accompany it with a second light dish and you will have a healthy and perfect meal.

Rice salad

From the kitchen of Pedro and Yolanda I present to you this mellow rice with hake and prawns so appropriate for that Sunday lunch in which you have guests at the table. It is between the syrupy and the dry and, therefore, has to remain little broth in the dish. For this recipe, I advise you to use pump type rice that can withstand over-consumption.

Mellow rice with hake and prawns

I leave this Paella of seafood (to the firewood). Perfect paella to celebrate something sitting at the table, which is how they celebrate the good news. This seafood paella can be cooked both in traditional stoves and in the paella with the firewood. Cook it as you cook it, success is assured.

From the kitchen to good hours I’ll suggest this Risotto of zucchini and mushrooms so typical of Italian cuisine. The trick to make it delicious is to use a special rice that absorbs the liquid and releases starch thus giving the creamy texture so characteristic of risotto. If you do not have this type of rice at hand, you can do it with round grain rice.

Risotto with zucchini and mushrooms

I bring you a Black Rice or Arros Negre: Chocó’s in their ink with Rice. A delicious dish that, if cooked slowly and lovingly, the result is spectacular. The squid ink gives the black color to this rice that, with its presence, invites you to eat it.

Black rice

From this blog, Anna Easy Recipes, I present you a Fried Rice with bacon and tortilla that will delight children and adults. With only three ingredients, you have a very fast and very simple option to prepare a category dish. It is a version of the typical rice three Chinese delicacies that, surely, you will repeat in occasions that you do not want to late in the kitchen.

Fried rice with bacon and tortilla

From the blog the sweet palate I leave this Rice with loin and sausage very simple and fast to prepare. A perfect single dish because it perfectly combines hydrates and proteins. It will delight meat lovers and is a great choice for a daily family meal because the ingredients are very economical.

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